Lesson 25: Opened Questions الأسئلة المفتوحة

هي الأسئلة التي تترك مجالا للحصول على وصف أو رأي

نأخذ منها التالي:


what = ماذا أو ما = وات

What is your name?

My name is Yusra


when = متى = وِن

When is the class?

The class is tomorrow


where = أين = وير

Where is the pen?

The pen is here


which = أي = ويتش ( للحصول على إجابة من خيارات متعددة )

Which is your car?

That is my car


Who = من = هُو ( الهاء فوقها ضمه )

Who are you?

I am Faisal


Why = لماذا = واي

Why are you here

I am here to learn English


how = كيف = هاو

How are you?

I am fine


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